Ontario Heritage Historic Preservation Grant Program

Press Release
The 2024 Ontario Heritage Historic Preservation Grants application period has now ended. This year’s Grant awardees will be announced at our Spring Potluck to be held on Sunday, May 19. Please plan on joining us and congratulating this year’s awardees!

If you missed the 2024 application process, be sure to mark your calendars for the 2025 Historic Preservation Grant applications. Beginning November 1, submit your application with “before” photos and a written description of the project you are planning along with an estimate of the cost. Visit OntarioHeritage.org for the application and more information.

About The Program

ONTARIO HERITAGE is proud to be THE local non-profit advocacy organization within the City of Ontario whose mission is the protection and preservation of our city’s architectural heritage. 

This year we are pleased to announce the debut of our Historic Preservation Grant Program. A total of $5,000 will be awarded towards the Preservation Grants and we look forward to many years of investing back into our historical assets.

Proceeds from our Historic Home Tours, Historic Cemetery Tours, Historic Walking Tours, as well as your continued memberships fund this program to aid and support owners of historic properties within the City of Ontario. 

Applications are available to anyone wishing to restore a structure with historic and or architectural significance in Ontario.

Applicants do not have to be members of Ontario Heritage. Applications should be limited to one selected project, but more than one application is permitted.

Within six weeks of the application submission deadline, a panel of qualified individuals from outside Ontario Heritage and the Ontario area will review the applications and make on-site visits to select the projects to be funded. Ontario Heritage will officially announce the results at their Spring Potluck meeting.

  • Up to $5,000 (collectively) will be available for the Historic Preservation Grant Program. The Program
    provides money and project assistance to local historic property owners for maintenance
    and restoration.
  • The Louise Melton Historic Preservation Grant Program is available to any citizen of the
    city of Ontario for any restoration project on a property with historic and or architectural
    significance. Grants will be awarded to property owners whose projects best represent the
    spirit of historic preservation within Ontario’s historic homes and neighborhoods.
  • The program helps:
    • Complement existing neighborhood preservation projects
    • Enhance the quality and value of our historic areas by maintaining and preserving existing
      historic properties.
    • Extend the life, appeal and integrity of our architectural legacy for years to come.
  • The program awards grants up to a maximum of $1,000 for up to 50% of the cost of the
    project. Grants will be awarded based on the decision of our panel of judges and decisions
    are final.
  • Priority will be given to exterior restoration, historical authenticity and “curb appeal”
    projects. Projects include but are not limited to:
    • Historic exterior painting
    • Chimney repairs or rebuilds
    • Foundation repairs or rebuilds
    • Exterior woodwork repair or rebuilds, including trim, rafter tails, beam ends, etc.
    • Interior woodwork repair or rebuilds
    • Porch and stairway repairs or rebuilds
    • Removal and replacement of inappropriate windows or doors to meet historical standards
    • Restoration of authentic siding or removal of added stucco to meet historical standards
    • Removal of inappropriate fencing

Application Process

  • Submit the completed application with “before” photos of your project by January 31, 2024
  • The Preservation Award Committee will then notify the applicants of their project’s eligibility by March 31st and be invited to our 2nd Quarter Potluck Meeting in Spring, 2024 where official announcements will be made.
  • Eligible applicants will put a small yard sign promoting the Grant Program in their front yard until the specific work is completed. All restoration work must be completed by September 30, 2024
  • An on-site visit will be conducted for all completed projects between October 1st and November 1st, 2024
    Grants will be disbursed upon review of the completed projects, accompanying documentation and “after” photographs. These photographs will be used to document the grant awards and may be used for future illustration of the Grant Program
    Note: It is the responsibility of the homeowner to obtain the necessary building permits and Certificate of Appropriateness from the City of Ontario when applicable

Ontario Heritage Historic Preservation Grant Application

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